My name is Tathiana, I am a mother , a photographer, an art director.

​             I work in Tampa, FL and in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

​I have a son named  Luca.  Nothing makes me happier than being his mother.


​I haven't met a  bread  I didn't like, unfortunately.

​I  am not able to change the channel if  "Dirty Dancing", "Somewhere in time " or "Notting Hill" is on.​

​I am obsessed with details.

​Artistically,  I  tend to gravitate towards madness.

Daydream fotografia

​​​​​​​I am  passionate about traveling.

I find sense oh humor very attractive.

​​I wish Chocolate had as many calories as tomatoes. ....or  tomatoes  could  taste like chocolate.....either one  is fine with me.

​I try to spend my birthday in a new place every year. It hasn't worked  for the last five years.

​I f  you give me a couple hours , I will show you the best version of yourself.